15-25 January 2018 15-25 January 2018
The Palestine Information Network (PIN) hosted Dr. Sameer Saeed in South Africa for a networking visit. The honourable guest engaged with members of PIN, educational and religious institutions as well as structures within the Palestine solidarity space. He also conducted some educational presentations for the public and was featured on a number of radio and television shows. His focus was on grooming a new generation of educational ambassadors for Palestine and making the wider South African public aware about the grave perils facing al-Quds (Jerusalem) – its people, identity and sacred spaces.
Qualifications: 1- Diploma of Pharmacy 1982. 2- Bachelor of Sharia from Dar Al Hadith university in Makkah 3- Master studente in Cairo University – Dar Al Uloom College 2014. 4- High Diploma of Heritage and Manuscripts, Manuscripts Institute, League of Arab States, Cairo, 2016. Positions: 1- Vice President of the Palestine Committee in the World Union of Muslim Scholars. 2- Counselor of Umaah Endowment to serve Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque. 3- Researcher and specialist in the affairs of Al-Quds and Palestine.




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