11 January 2019

The Palestine Information Network (PIN) is an institution whose mandate is to provide innovative and structured educational and awareness programmes on Palestine for the general public. Our vision is to be a global leader in leveraging and disseminating education in order to achieve meaningful action and make a positive difference in the lives of Palestinians.

In the third school term of 2018, we embarked on our second educational colouring competition focused on Islamic schools and Madressahs in the West of Johannesburg. The objective of the competition was to educate learners about Masjid al-Aqsa and its centrality in Islam. Additionally, by adopting the means of art, it was desired that the endeavour spark a sentimental connection for the target audience with the first qiblah as well as the wider land of Palestine.

The choice of the west of Johannesburg region for this year’s competition was as a follow up to other Palestine awareness programmes held in the area previously in 2018. The intention was to entrench connections made and deepen grassroots engagement. Furthermore, the campaign sought to reach out to underprivileged areas and ensure that education on Palestine is not limited to a handful of prominent urban centres.

Based on the previous year’s campaign, 2018’s competition saw improvements in the kinds of prizes offered, the ease of organisation, the forging of new partnerships and better outreach presentations to accompany the contest.


Winners – Masjid Al-Aqsa colouring competition

Category A – Grade 1 & 2

1st Shakoor Davis – Bosmont Madressah

2nd Armaan – Florida Muslim Association

Consolation prizes (no particular order):

Muhammad Seedat – Florida Islamic School, Zayrah Bruce – Coronationville, Naaiidah – Florida Islamic School, Hanifi Mtembo – Newclare Jumma Masjid, Aatika – Westbury


Category B – Grade 3 & 4

1st Sameer Samuels – Florida Muslim Association

2nd Muhammad Leibrandt – Florida Muslim Association

Consolation prizes (no particular order):

Shouneez Ismail – Newclare Madressah, Imran Jardine – Coronationville, Qanita Johannes – Westbury, Shayla Maclear – Florida Muslim Association, Dayaan Noble – Newclare Madressah


Category C – Grade 5 & 6

1st Azraa Hendricks – Bosmont Madressah

2nd Rafeeq Hendricks – Bosmont Madressah

Consolation prizes (no particular order):

Ubaidullah Sataar – Bosmont Madressah, Siyam Herzig – Coronationville, Karim Ridwan – Newclare Madressah, Shoab Smith – Riverlea Madressah, Ali-Uthmaan Abrahams – Riverlea Madressah