20 December 2019

The Palestine Information Network (PIN) is an institution whose mandate is to provide innovative and structured educational and awareness programmes on Palestine for the general public. Our vision is to be a global leader in leveraging and disseminating education in order to achieve meaningful action and make a positive difference in the lives of Palestinians.

In the fourth school term of 2019, we embarked on our third educational competition focused on primary institutions, this time in the north of Johannesburg. The initiative was dubbed the Colours of Palestine contest. The objective of the competition was to: 1. Imbibe in learners a love for the Holy Land and allow them to creatively express this; 2. Stimulate learners to think of practical solutions that they can be part of to strive for justice in Palestine; 3. Promote research into the history of Palestine and familiarity with a truth based narrative.

Previous instalments of the competition had focused on the East Rand as well as western regions of Johannesburg. This year’s outreach simply adopted a new region as part of PIN’s wider plan to constantly expand outreach to untouched areas.

In comparison to previous years, 2019’s competition saw the initiative evolving from being purely a colouring and art competition to an exercise much more intellectually engaging. There were also improvements in the kinds of, and value of prizes offered, the quality of entries received and the engagement with learners and teachers at our outreach presentations.

Learners in the first category were tasked with designing a collage with the theme: I love Masjid al-Aqsa. Participants in the second category were to author a mini-book titled: 10 Things I can do for Palestine. The final task involved developing a timeline on the history of Jerusalem.

Winners – Colours of Palestine competition 1441/2019

Category A – Grade 1-3

1st Aaliyah Jogie – Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch

2nd Fatima Zahra Hattia – Houghton Muslim Academy

Consolation prizes (no particular order):

Ibrahim Ahmed Kapadiya – Madrasah-tul-Furqaan, Musab Chodree – Qurtuba Islamic Academy, Umaymah Patel – Qurtuba Islamic Academy, Yousha Moosa – Houghton Muslim Academy, Muhammad Zain Seedat – Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch, Yusairah Ally – Houghton Muslim Academy, Ahmed Bhorat – Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch, Hawwa Karodia – Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch, Zamin Khan – Madrasatus Saliheen, Weltevreden Park


Category B – Grade 4 & 5

1st Zaid Lambat – Madrasah-tul-Furqaan

2nd Ahmed Bham – Northcliff Madressah

Consolation prizes (no particular order):

Yusriya Seedat – Madrasah-tul-Furqaan, Faraz Bhamjee – Madrasah-tul-Furqaan, Sahal Essack – Northcliff Madressah, Ammarah Carim – Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch, Fayaaz Sarang – Qurtuba Islamic Academy, Muhammad Zayd Moosa – Houghton Muslim Academy


Category C – Grade 6 & 7

1st Sulaymaan Haffejee – Northcliff Madressah

2nd Raeesah Surtee – Northcliff Madressah

Consolation prizes (no particular order):

Ihsaan Irshad Essack – Northcliff Madressah, Suhaylah Russool – Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch


Institution prize

Madrasah Islaamiyyah Buccleuch


Some notable entries


Read the winning mini-book by Zaid Lambat:

Download (PDF, 4.08MB)